Our Network

Our Network

With Neocarrier’s robust global network presence and comprehensive network solutions, there are no limits. We can help you establish network presence wherever you need to be, on-net in datacentre facilities and off-net, anywhere around the globe.

We operate our own backbone network and autonomous system number (ASN) – AS48885 – which is multihomed and tied with multiple 10-Gigabit uplinks to various IP Transit provider, peered with large eye-balls and content networks and peered with all type of networks around the globe for a fast end-to-end delivery.

Our datacentres are tied together using a meshed optical transport network which consists of IP over WDM fibers running geographically diverse links, usually designed in rings and located in major markets throughout Switzerland, Europe and around the Globe.

No matter where you are located, with Neocarrier’s route optimization engine, we can guarantee the highest performance, lowest latency and most reliable path for your business and your applications.

Latency matters

For real-time applications and business demanding solutions, every millisecond counts and can make a difference. We reduce latency and packet loss with optimized routes and shorter geographical paths. We believe that only an outstanding network can be used as a solid foundation for an exceptional application experience. Availability, reliability and performance are the pillars of our network.

Our network is built on a redundant carrier-class network designed with end-to-end resilience to address and mitigate outages.
Our network is future-proof and compatible with both native IPv4 and IPv6 technologies for unlimited business possibilities.
Your business never stops, that why we offer multiple SLA and support options. Our network is monitored round-the-clock by our Network Operations Center.
We believe a good application and user-experience starts with an exceptional network. On average, our network is up to 30% faster than other competing providers.

Continuously expanding

Our network is continuously expanding in new datacentre and new locations to meet our customers requirements and projects. On average, expanding our network in a new point-of-presence is a process that takes less than a week per new location. Due to mature business and technical processes, we have one of the fastest turnover of the industry for setting up new locations.

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