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Managed Access

Neocarrier's Network

Managed Internet Solutions

Neocarrier Communications global IP network backbone provides your company with the reliability and performance required to keep your business connected. Our next-generation backbone network built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper and Brocade known as the market foremost suppliers of next-generation network and extends across Europe and North America.

Our brand-new unparalleled next-generation IP network allow us to provide the market with the most stable, low-latency, QoS protected offers without altering the performance.

To control and answer the need for speed or real-time environments, Neocarrier Communications maintains extensive agreements of network interconnection with major IP players, access and content providers. Unlike other providers our main goal is to provide our customers with a unique experience of Internet access, therefore we do not operate any kind of oversubscription; our global IP capacity must always stays below 50%.

Neocarrier Communications offers industry leading network quality for critical Internet accesses. Our unique expertise and knowledge of Internet routes allow us to optimize the network routes so that we can route our traffic thru the best’s physical paths. Our industry winning network quality allows our customers to provide quicker access to their content and application than using traditional network providers.

With this solution, you can again focus on your main business and you save money by only paying what you use: datacenter, security, power Internet access and you can get rid of expensive in-house people and equipments.
Light speed network

Our next-generation IP network is built upon multiple 10 Gbit redundant links-interconnections between routing infrastructure systems. Our network spans across major European cities and even reaches North America. For ensuring mission critical requirements we own fibers ring in most European cities.
Protection against threats

Additionally from providing most stable Internet access amongst competition, we protect your network against various threats with our next-generation self-protecting protection equipments. With us you do not have to pay a premium to make sure that we provide packet filtering services for your network.
Trusted network

Our network is often considered as one of the most trusted network. Unlike large providers we are able to control what our network carries. We do not transport for any business that does not comply with our strict ethic rules. Our network is trusted by various company, including large Health, Insurance, Financial companies.
Cost-efficient solutions

As a service provider we are committed to your success and we expect our customers to be always satisfied with our services – we look for long-term relationships and to keep you along with us, we have to outmatch all your expectations. Furthermore when you outsource your hosting services, you directly reduce your investments and operating costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us today and to discuss with us all your colocation needs – we are sure that we have the perfect solution that fits and fulfill all your needs.