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Neocarrier Company


Neocarrier Communications specializes in providing high availability ICT services for small, medium and large corporate businesses. Neocarrier is a privately held company based in Sheffield, United Kingdom and operating across Europe. The company was established to answer the high market demand for high quality datacenter managed services.

The secret beyond our professional name is the ability to provide customer-driven turnkey managed solutions with unparalleled know how, industry leading technologies and award winning customer service.

With over 40 years of cumulated technical experience, we are in a unique position to understand our customers' requirements and to propose, design, implement, operate and maintain high quality managed datacenter services, making our company unique amongst a broad audience.

Our company is driven by our true passion to fulfill customer requirements and we are fully committed to your success — with Neocarrier you can rest assured that you will always be ahead your competitors.

Furthermore in new technology the success is heavily based on both know how of technologies and the appreciation of tomorrow's standard technologies is a key part of our and your success, therefore our research and development team continues to develop and create a solid product base, with quality and efficiencies as its core unique to the industry.

Take a step ahead to your success and let Neocarrier design and operates your critical systems, so you can better focus on your business, free expensive resources and develop what your company really needs to achieve to reach your success.