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Managed Colocation

Neocarrier's Solutions

Managed Colocation Solutions

You want to keep control on your servers without to worry about the physical infrastructure required to achieve world-class quality services? Neocarrier fill this gap by providing a convenient solution where you can keep the full control on your hardware without to worry about the physical environment.

We manage the all physical layers of your datacenter, we physically protect your data, we ensure power and Internet access at any time and we provide you with all tools to control every single aspect of your equipments remotely – therefore you can focus on your servers, on your operations and you fully enjoy a state-of-the-art building facility to leverage your services and SLA.

With this solution, you can again focus on your main business and you only pay for what you use: datacenter, security, power Internet access and you can get rid of expensive in-house people and equipments.
Uninterrupted power.

Power is the main issue for a datacenter – power is required to keep your servers running and to chill them. In our high-quality computing datacenter facility, your equipments are always feed by two different power sources, in addition we provide you as a standard service UPS and diesel generator. Power is guaranteed by SLA at 99.999%.
Access at anytime.

When you place your equipments in our datacenter, we provide you physical access to your servers with a badge and/or a secret code. Once you enter the building, you can access the specified room with your badge; finally your equipments are locked by a key and isolated from other customers. If you need, we can even hide the front of your equipments with an opaque glass.
Redundant Internet Access.

Every customer that colocate its equipments in our datacenter facility is directly connected to our high-quality Internet backbone with a gigabit Ethernet link. We deliver either Copper, either Fiber. Internet access is guaranteed by SLA at 99.999%.
Cost-efficient solutions.

As a service provider we are committed to your success and we expect our customers to be always satisfied with our services - we look for long-term relationships and to keep you along with us, we have to outmatch all your expectations. Furthermore when you outsource your hosting services, you directly reduce your investments and operating costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all your hosting needs - we already provide hosting solutions to many companies and we are sure that we have the perfect solution that fits and fulfill all your needs.